Euston Productions



"You do awesome work,
the college has benefited
greatly from your ability
to create short, effective
videos to education
our teams and the public.

The power of good media is amazing!"

Scott Conrad

"Thank you Sam for spearheading this production and putting together this group of elite
video professionals."

Jeff Sengstack

Resources & Tips

A Storyboard
B Production Schedule
C Location & Props Organizer
D On Location Prep List
E Film Prep Guide
F Photo Release Form
G Project Budget

Note: please review PR Form with your legal council
(prior to use) and adapt document to your needs.

I've found these resources to be helpful
and trust they may be of assistance to you.

Video Editor

FX Artist

"The videos you're created
are beautifully edited
and presented!"

Georgia Kelly

"I’m impressed with Sam's
strong sense of design,
ownership of the project,
serious work ethic,
attention to detail, &
willingness to implement complex design ideas & scripting."

Dan Johnson

Video Portfolio

Video Portfolio

Shifting Climate's Blog

Shifting Climate's Blog

Soundtracks & Music

Music & Art