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Jim Steele’s Class “Eyes Are On The County Commons: Clear Lake” at New Paradigm College

A very fascinating and highly informative class on our amazing Clear lake. Jim Steele’s comprehensive fun filled presentation provides a valuable history and substantive foundation toward understanding our unique Clear lake; it’s complexities, it’s unique features and the effects that have resulted by human inhabitants.

Thank You Jim Steele for compiling this significant plethora of historical information and presenting it in a format we can review, learn about, further study and research as well as, assist in nurturing our unique and valuable natural resource. Thank You New Paradigm College for providing the venue for this class.

For more information on Jim Steele, his other classes, consultations and research visit: http://www.lakecountysilverfoundation.com/

For more information on New Paradigm College visit: https://www.newparadigmcollege.org/

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