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1Team 1Dream is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating entrepreneurs, businesses and the public on invaluable information on sustainable business practices that can collectively strengthen Lake County as a community.

To combat the effects of the fires and to achieve economic resilience, 1Team 1Dream founders Maryann Schmid and Olga Steele, launched 1Team 1Dream, a non-profit organization that will provide essential educational and training programs to help Lake County businesses and start-ups.

The organization was formed in response to the years of fires that have led to loss of people, property and livelihood. With 8 fires under 4 years, Lake County’s economy was greatly affected. Many businesses had a hard time getting back on their feet. So many families had lost their homes and their income. Many were displaced from the evacuation.

To learn more about 1Team 1Dream visit: https://1team1dream.net/


Samuel Euston

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