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Wildfire Preparedness & Safety Presentation by Jim Steele Professional Forester, Freshwater Ecology and Environmental Policy and Administration Lecturer, Advocate for Clear Lake and Lake County and retired District 3 County of Lake Supervisor Sponsor: Middletown Luncheon Club Presentation.

Note Product Reference: FR-1 (paint additive) manufacturer upgrade product #: Flamex PA information relayed in this video is intended to provide helpful educational information when preparing for fire and fire safety.

This video is offered strictly as an overview, and cannot address all of the specific areas of fire preparedness. Viewers should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor a replacement for, the professional advice needed to address your specific needs regarding fire preparedness. We encourage viewers to consult with professionals regarding their specific areas of concern(s). This video is intended and presented for educational purposes only.

Thank You for Watching ! Produced by Euston

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